Sanwatch Management Suite скачать

Sanwatch Management Suite скачать

Designed with an intuitive and user-friendly interface, EonOne guides you to all storage-related setup procedures and configurations via a smart setup wizard and a streamlined workflow. To help you stay on top of storage conditions, EonOne also provides a complete range of features for a centralized management of multiple systems including Storage Resource Management (SRM), system monitoring, access authorization, and event notifications.

✓ Важно
This management tool is browser-based and serves multiple platforms to support many mainstream operating systems. It features SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) link protection and role-based access levels to manage different installation sites and other relevant purposes.

EonOne and SANWatch management tools feature a user-friendly GUI that provide a clearer view of storage system information and important features. The information is grouped in easy-to-understand graphics and tables. You can access the configuration and management functions with a few simple clicks of the mouse.

  • Overall system operating status
  • Status of all hardware components such as firmware version, host board types, and recent events
  • Overall performance monitoring, including CPU and memory use, current read/write performance (throughput and IOPS), etc.
  • System storage used and available capacity
  • Tasks processed by the system, including system setup and settings, system view, license information, event log, and system maintenance
  • Categorized device/partition status monitoring

Got any system-related requests or need help with system issues with your Infortrend systems? Let Service Manager do the stuff for you. Service Manager is a service request tool that allows you to collect system logs and configuration information and helps you keep track of service request status.

  • Automatically discovers and monitors ESVA, EonStor DS and EonStor systems
  • Clearly displays system status for better storage planning and utilization

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Пакет администрирования хранилищ SANWatch предоставляет все функции, необходимые для обнаружения, настройки, администрирования и контроля систем хранения данных Infortrend ESVA и EonStor, как удаленных, так и множественных. SANWatch обеспечивает также интерфейсы управления EonPath, виртуализацией, моментальным копированием, удаленной и локальной репликацией, а также другими функциями сервиса данных.

SANWatch поддерживает как управление по каналу ( in-band), так и вне канала (out-of-band), используя команды по каналу или протокол TCP/IP для локального или удаленного управления. В состав SANWatch входят независимые агенты, которые работают как промежуточные связующие элементы для централизованного управления множественными RAID системами.

GSM модем (если используется оповещение с помощью SMS). В настоящее время SANWatch поддерживает два типа GSM модемов:Siemens TC35 и WAVECOM Fast Rack M1206.

Firmware (FW) and SANWatch Management Suite

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008 / 2008 R2 / 2012 / 2012 R2,
  • Microsoft Windows Hyper-V,
  • Red Hat Enterprise,
  • SUSE Linux 2 Enterprise,
  • Linux, Sun Solaris, Mac OS X, HP-UX , IBM AIX , VMware, Citrix XenServer, OpenStack Cinder

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