G6-2211sr драйвера Windows 7

G6-2211sr драйвера Windows 7

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And I really dont get how to enable Wi-Fi on! F12 does not work (Fn key combinations too) so red light is on, dont know how to make it green, and there is no wireless adapters in my device manager is it OK?

I tried but nothing happened. It is just like installer installed all drivers but just nothing appeared after installation or smth like that. And by the way there are a lots of wi fi drivers in HP download section and I dont know which one is mine — Atheros or broadcom. anyway I installed both and nothing happened.

✓ Важно
Open the device manager and expand the network adapters device by clicking on the triangle to its left. Select the wireless and use the dropdown as seen in the following image to select hardware ids.

I told you there is only Realtek Ethernet adapter, no wireless or smth. In Network adapters only 1 ethernet adapter, it is weird! Even on clean windows there is no Unknown device (cause I installed all drivers except wifi). Seems like there is no wireless adapter at all but Its not true I guess. So I totally messed up!

  • Производитель: AMD
  • Модель: A4-4300M
  • Тактовая частота (MHz): 2500
  • Кэш 2-го уровня (Kb): 1024
  • Объем (Mb): 4096
  • Тип: DDR-3
  • Расширение памяти до (Mb): 8192

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